The Bouncing Souls Weston Black Train Jack @ William Patterson U.

The Bouncing Souls, Weston, Black Train Jack
October 12, 1995
William Patterson

The sign read: You must be eighteen years of age to enter the show. No one is allowed to touch each other at any point during the show. Ha! Well that got my evening off with a few strikes against me. First off, I am under 18, second, my friends are under 17. So what else could we do, but get there early, and waIk in with the band.

Weston opened up with “Just Like Kurt,” and played a really calm set. Every time the crowd would start acting up, Weston would plead for them to stop touching each other. It kinda sucked, but Weston was great.

TheBouncingSouls hit the stage with twice the intensity of Weston, and couldn’t give a shit about the no mashing rule. They opened up with “I Like Your Mom,” and ripped through a through a good chunk of their songs. Johnny X jumped on stage to play his part in “The Ballad of Johnny X” I was quite disappointed that through all the Bouncing Soul’s shows that I’ve gone to, they’ve never done “Old School” or “Inspection Station” and they stopped covering “Candy.”

Black Train Jack closed the show out. The crowd that stayed was pretty wild, but there was way too many cops around for my Iiking. There also seemed to be a ton of suits floating around the outskirts of the pit, checking out Black Train Jack. Well, at least no one touched me… I could have gotten cooties, or something.

Author: George Koroneos

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