The Warped Tour
August 18, 1995
Asbury Park

If Woodstock II was the personification of peace and happiness in the 90’s, the ultimate heaven on Earth, then The Warped Tour can only be described as pure Hell, in the greatest sense. Where as Woodstock had about half a million kids gathered together on a gigantic open field to help bring unity in the world, Warped was what felt like a million kids packed into a fenced in parking lot. standing on hot asphalt, in the shiniest part of Asbury Park, about ten hours before Hurricane Felix: was about to hit. You know what? That was the best fucking 20 bucks I ever blew.

Here’s the low down: There where 2 stages, and for the first 2 hours some really crappy bands played on them. At the stroke of I O’clock, Orange 9mm hit the main stage. Hey, you want to see intense emotions? You should have seen how many kids got fucked up during this set. There was no where to take pictures from… There was no where to stand. Orange 9 controlled the crowd for a full 45 minutes, then it was break time again. Unless of course you really want to see No Use For A Name, or Swinging Utters, two of the most generic punk bands today.

Swinging Utters actually weren’t that bad, I watched them for a little bit before heading over to the half pipe ramp to see some really cool skate tricks. CIV proved to be a crowd pleaser. They took over the second stage, and performed almost all their new songs. The highlight of the set had to be Lou Koller just appearing on stage for his solo on “Can’t Wait One Minute More,” and then disappearing just as quick. I always wondered how violent Sick Of It All pits really were, now I know, and I’m still in pain. Lou was really into getting into the crowd, literally, periodically drenching the crowd with water guns, and now and then diving in for a closer glimpse of his fans. The only thing peaceful about this show, were SOIA’s pleas for unity, in their songs. “My Life,” was the crowd favorite of their set.

The only thing I caught of L7’s set was an ear bleeding rendition of “Pretend That We’re Dead.” Tilt pulled off a really good show, even though it was really quick, and Seaweed didn’t manage to maintain a crowd. The only thing left was Quicksand. After about half an hour of bass difficulties, an awful rendition of “Start Today,” and something that resembled a joke from Walter, I decided to call it quits and head home. Hardcore at it’s finest , and not a drop of mud in sight .

Author: George Koroneos

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