The Blood Brothers “Burn Piano Island, Burn”


The Blood Brothers
“Burn Piano Island, Burn”

Let the deconstruction theory be tested.

At The Drive In created a new genre of hardcore, and their disciples have started to swarm. Equal parts The Locust and Mars Volta, The Blood Brothers are a lesson in noise that needs to be taught to all those cookie cutter acts that have become too complacent with their Good Charlotte meets Nickelback drone. Everything about “Burn Piano Island, Burn” is intense, from the barking screams to the nervous twitch time signature changes that strike at any time.

After three tracks of brutal guitar mastery, “Every Breath Is A Bomb” trails in silence for almost a minute. Then the screaming begins, and the track turns into a tornado of sound that recalls Mr. Bungle… kind of.

Singers Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney can actually produce some pretty impressive sounds with their voice. From ear bleeding throat rakes to quirky rhymes, the two battle and love in a world of death and destruction. An elegant oddball song is “The Salesman, Denver Max,” a tune the finds both vocalists singing at least for part of the track.

This is rage at its best. Taking what some might consider noise and turning it into a pure, unrestricted art. The Blood Brothers create music that begs to be dissected, but be warned: It might dissect your ears in the process.

Author: George Koroneos

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