Horrorpops “Hell Yeah!”


“Hell Yeah!”

Not quite psychobilly and definitely not pop, The Horrorpops tow the line between punk and rock n’ roll, but come out sounding more like a hip version of No Doubt than a cross between The Misfits and The Stray Cats.

The record rips out of the grave with the best track on the album “Julia.” Ironically, the tune sounds straight off a Nekromantix disc, which is not surprising considering the Horrorpop’s axe-man is none other than the master of the coffin-bass Nekroman. Vocal duties are handled by upright bassist Patricia, who does her best to sound angry, but comes off like a sultry version of Distiller’s singer Brody Armstrong.

Songs like “Kool Flattop” rock, but sound a little cheesy. “Where They Wander” is the most punk song on the record, featuring an incredible thumping bass line, and some awesome tremolo guitar work from guitarists Nekroman and Karsten. “Psychobitches Outta Hell” is pure Cramps with surf-style guitar leads and huge tom rolls.

While some songs are brash and kick ass, others tend not to pack the same punch, but for the most part, The Horrorpops are a happy medium between the twisted world of the psychos and the swinging grooves of the rockabilly strut.

Author: George Koroneos

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