Kaiju Big Battel DVD: Terebi Sento

Kaiju “Big Battle” DVD
Redline Entertainment

In an age when professional wrestling absolutely sucks, it’s nice to see a wrestling federation come out with a fresh gimmick involving extraterrestrial martians fighting a can of soup.

That’s the basic premise behind Kaiju, a wrestling organization established by a collective of art students out of Boston, MA. At this time, the champion is the most evil being in the entire world, a human named Dr. Cube who creates monsters in his evil laboratory. I don’t know how a laboratory can be evil, but it is dammit. The coolest hero is Silver Potato, who makes his gallant return to the ring in this DVD.

Also included is a showdown between Kung Fu Chicken Noodle and Club Sandwich, which is classic, if only because club sandwich can barely move without the support of his chef/manager. Tag team action continues with Los Plantanos vs. Team Space Bug, but the action is weak, partially due to the bulky costumes exhibited by the creatures from outer space.

The action doesn’t really pick up until Dr. Cube takes on Uch Chu and a host of other creatures. It seems that the smaller the outfit, the better the in-ring action, and this match is superb.

The only downside to the DVD is the awfully cheesy production elements, and the amount of time it takes for a replay to happen. Half the announce team sounds like they were recorded in a tin can, and the crowd sounds far from hot.

However, the press tape that accompanied this DVD told a different story. At a recent cage match at the Roxy in NYC, the crowd was as insane as any ECW show, and the carnage and wrestling was over-the-top. I think the DVD was toned down to get a television deal.

Whatever the reason, pick up this DVD if you want to know more about Kaiju, or skip it if you are in the know, and spend your cash on the live show.

Author: George Koroneos

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