Koffin Kats “Straying From The Pack”

KoffinKats_Straying.jpgKoffin Kats
“Straying From The Pack”
HB8 Records

The Koffin Kats just don’t quit. They’ve pumped out three releases in just as many years, and have been touring the country relentlessly. The eight track “Straying From The Pack” takes its lead from last year’s full-length “Inhumane” taking the Kat’s punk-infused rockabilly formula and cranking it to break-neck speeds.

Here’s the catch, The Koffin Kats play super-fast psychobilly (we’re talking metal licks here folks), but Vic Victor’s croon is so damn clear and smooth, you think you’re listening to Nick Cave on crank. Top that off with some addictive choruses and a total running time of of 16 and a half minutes, and you have a recipe for rock ‘n’ roll.

The best part is that there isn’t a clunker on the record, and you get another part of the “Graveyard Tree,” a tale of undying (or is it dying love). With the 12 Step Rebels out of the picture, there is no stopping the Koffin Kats from taking over the psychobilly world, and hell, they’re only like 23 years old.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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