Kaiju Big Battel Invades New York


Arriving at the Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn it was easy to see that it was going to a wild night. The streets were teeming with excited people and the line to actually gain access to the venue stretched around the block. Kaiju Big Battle’s triumphant return to NYC was about to be underway and you could smell the blood lust in the air.

Musical guest Peelander-Z got the night off to a raucous start with their Japanese thrash-punk antics and Kaiju theme song. The crowds rocked their heads and enjoyed a variety of Polish beers while getting themselves worked up for the first of the night’s battles.

The opening battle featured a showdown between two previous tag-team partners; Hell Monkey and The Grudyin over their team’s name. The battle featured a scale-model Empire State Building which the monsters were meant to race to the top of. The battle resulted in the destruction of the Empire State Building (coming crashing down on the Kaiju Danger Zone).

The following battle was meant to be between the feisty Powa Ranjura and Shrooma Tango, but was interrupted by the CIA Plantains who had come to take Powa Ranjura into the authorities. Powa Ranjura luckily came out on top with a little help from her friends and escaped persecution by the evil CIA.

chicken.jpgNext up was a showing by the Hero Intern who was tasked with the mission of protecting the Brooklyn Bridge from an onslaught of invading monsters. I watched through cracks in my fingers as our beloved Brooklyn Bridge was decimated. Truly there were more losers than winners in this particular battle.

Speaking of losers…the next battle featured the two biggest losers in Kaiju Big Battle History; Call Me-Kevin vs Super Wrong. This battle took a surprising and most entertaining turn when the guest announcer (Jack of KRNY) took to the ring and devastated Call Me-Kevin with a mind-blowing combination of moves.

The most anticipated battle was still to come as the reigning champ Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle paired up with the mourning Pedro Plantain to take on the maniacal Dr. Cube and his creation Silver Potato. It was a vicious battle and no fighter left the ring unscathed, but to the joy of the crowd Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle emerged victorious!!! Noodle’s victory assures him a spot in the Kaiju Championship Belt Contest as well as offering him the opportunity to choose his partner in the ring. Who will that partner be; we will just have to wait until Big Battle rolls back into town to see.

With give-aways from Kaiju Fan Club and Kid Robot; not to mention the various debris and body parts flying into the crowd, many fans went home with more than just memories of this outstanding battle. Long Live Kaiju!!!

Author: Lil J

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