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Bastards of Young is a feature-length that sadly has nothing to do with The Replacements (even if it does borrow its name from their classic single). Instead, the documentary focuses on the New Jersey punk-emo scene that spawned in the ashes of the 1994 punk revival. While I could care less about the bands featured in the movie, the director does a fantastic job showing how different growing up punk in New Jersey is from the rest of the world.

New Jersey has a different kind of scene, a different kind of sound, and unity that seems to exist way after punk died off in the wake of the rap/rock movement. The film talks in detail about the New Brunswick basement show, mentioning the birth of the scene at Handy Street and the part The Bouncing Souls played in uniting punks throughout the state.

Production is top-notch. Tons of interviews, great information, and professional editing give the film a real polished look. Bands showcased include, Fall Out Boy, From Autumn To Ashes, and Thursday. Full songs from live shows are a nice touch, but make the film drag a little. It also would have been nice if they actually interviewed some of the more old school bands that really gave their blood sweat and tears for the movement, such as The Bouncing Souls, Lifetime and Weston, but I won’t nitpick. This film is a snapshot of a scene that lives and breathes the DIY ethos, pick it up or rent it. It’s worth it for nostalgia alone.

Author: George Koroneos

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