Interview: The Donnas


Donnas Photo By Neil Zlozower

From the moment Lookout! Records released the self-titled Donnas record in 1997, punk rockers the world over were smitten with this quartet of rock & roll hotties. Luckily, the band had the chops to back up their pixie-like demeanor. These gals play rock as if it was forged into the Earth by a female god rather than Gene Simmons, and they shred harder than any of the punk rock boy band gracing the cover of Rolling Stone. The best part, they could probably kick my ass. Or at least shred it. Life In A Bungalo Digest chatted with drummer Torry Castellano about their new record, new label, and being forced to do dumb things at photo shoots. Transcribed interview will be up in a few weeks, but check out the podcast right now.

Author: George Koroneos

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  1. They formed in 1993… And they never really considered themselves “punk”.

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  2. Georgie, you got schooled by someone who uses an unitelligable sound for a name!

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  3. and I misspelled my insult! I should go back to work…

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  4. Calling them punk is like calling good Charlotte aptly named. Neither is true and both piss people off.

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  5. the real question is, why are the donnas still relevant since you arent a group of teenage girls playing songs some old guy wrote.

    oh also- do you think it was right to exploit your sexuality when you started this band and you were all 15?

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