Bouncing Souls at Webster Hall

Bouncing Souls

Bouncing Souls/Lifetime
Webster Hall
October 16, 2007

topmarathonlogo.gifDamn, I knew the Bouncing Souls had gotten big over the years, but I don’t think I was ever expecting to see a packed ballroom singing along to every word of every song–even their cheesier work.

Lifetime took the stage after a handful of opening acts. The Jersey boys cranked out most of their crowd favorites, but never seemed to ramp of the energy in their stage show. The singer paced back and forth singing along, and one of the guitar players did the obligatory punk rock jumping guitarist thing every few songs, but all in all, the legendary Lifetime came off stale and okay. It’s almost like all the watered down emocore bands that they spawned have overshadowed Jersey’s Best Dancers. Then again, I remember seeing them in their heyday and the were only kinda okay back then too.

The Bouncing Souls came out to  soccer chants, and merrily cranked out classics like “Quick Check Girl” and “Johnny X” as well as a few newer numbers. Greg jumped into the crowd a few times, passing his mic around during “Hopeless Romantic.” Sure, they played a few hoaky slow tunes, but the crowd did not seem to mind. Everyone in the band seemed to have a blast, and the songs I knew were note for note perfect. Sure, I could wax nostalgic and wish they played “Hardcore,” but it was fun watching a band that was always on the cusp, finally crack into the big time.

Author: George Koroneos

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