Corpse Show Creeps “Blackblood Call”

Corpse Show CreepsCorpse Show Creeps
“Blackblood Call”

Somehow this little gem got stuck behind my amp and I’m just now starting to really dig into it. This band of Minneapolis-based horrorpunks play swinging grooves against a frantic backbeat that makes you want to dance while bludgeoning your head with a broken Jack Daniels bottle.

The music is fun and fast with lyrics that are tongue and cheek, if not a bit cartoonish. “How do I get a girl like her?/ I guess I just roll the dice/ Maybe I can tip the scales/ With a virgin sacrifice,” singer Mutt O’Matic croons longingly on the rockabilly stomp-fest “PPRZQ.” What does that stand for, you ask. Why a psychobilly, punk rock, zombie queen. What else?

The Corpse Show Creeps play psychobilly in the vein of early Nekromantix, with tons of distortion, three-chord punk guitars, and blisteringly fast bass slapping. The CD quality is a bit muted production-wise, but the sound is no less exciting. One listen to “Werewolves” or “I Walk Alone” and you’ll be hooked. A quality pick up for any punk rock fan.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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