B-Movie Rats “Radio Suicide”

B- Movie RatsB-Movie Rats
“Radio Suicide”
Rankoutsider Records

I have this B-Movie Rats t-shirt that I’ve worn the hell out of for years. I don’t know where it is now, probably lost it in my cross-country move. I got their newest CD in the mail and was surprised. I haven’t heard anything from them in years and thought they were long broken up. Apparently this album was recorded back in 2002 and the band did break-up. They’re slated to play at this year’s South by Southwest but since the members live on different coasts, I don’t know if they’re back full time.

Naturally, I went to grab some of their old records and was surprised that I had none! Not even the 7″ where they cover the Raunch Hands’ “Your Fat Friend” or their split LP with the Hellbenders (turns out I do have one Hellbenders LP though). Strange…

This album is much different than what I remember the Rats sounding like. It’s way slower than the 100 mph, in-and-out in two minutes fury of when I saw ‘em. I could easily compare it to KISS or AC/DC but then this review would be two paragraphs long.

I’ll give you some history to better set the atmosphere: I saw the B-Movie Rats twice back in 1998. The first time was at the Continental in New York City. They played with the Lazy Cowgirls (this release is on former Cowgirls front man Pat Todd’s label), the Candy Snatchers (man I haven’t thought of them in forever!) and the Cash Registers (who played a few shows in NYC, put out two 7″s and disappeared – a real shame!).

The second time was later that year at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ and they played with Helldorado (another NYC rock and roll band that played a few amazing shows, put out a demo and disappeared). I bought said shirt and wore it ‘til the logo fell off. People who frequented both those establishments should now have a better feel for the B-Movie Rats.

As far as this album, the songs are mid tempo with emphasis on the ROCK in rock and roll. My only complaint is that the songs are too long (some topping six minutes!). Check ‘em out live if you can, they were a good time.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: Sal Lucci

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  1. Hey Sal, thanks for the nice words and for checking out the disc. Yeah, we just played three shows together for the first time in five years and had a BLAST! As far as the band evolution, we had lost Rick our original drummer not long after you last saw us and over the next few years did dive into a more straight rock sound but always throwing in our earlier stuff as well. It confused people a bit but we never gave a fuck, just played what we wanted to play. We live all over the damn place now but we’re all gonna try to stay active a few times a year playing and recording. I wish I had another shirt to send, thanks for wearing out your old one!

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  2. Tex here, the lead singer fr. Helldorado. My goodness, those were the days indeed. Nearly died but had a hoot! Best shows ever with the Rats. We did indeed disappear but not completely. We found Jesus and lived. Check out my new band (with my wife Tammy Lynn ex-Battershell) @ myspace.com/moteljesus

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