Young Werewolves “Cheat the Devil”

Young WerewolvesYoung Werewolves
“Cheat the Devil”

Out of the grindhouse and onto the radio, the Young Werewolves fire on all cylinders with silver bullets blazing and fangs bared. This band of punky surf rockers pummel the listener to oblivion with 14 infectiously catchy numbers about horror movies and Hollywood babylon.

Every song on “Cheat the Devil” is a keeper. The production sound is pure Nuggets era garage rock with simple yet savage drum beats that just groove. The bass is fast and tight and the guitars are sloppy and noisy–music to my ears. Guitarist/singer Neil Falcon’s voice sounds a bit like Rob Zombie, but the music is pure Cramp’s style rock & roll.

The best tracks on the record, hands down, are “Hollywood” and “Shapeshifter,” but it’s hard to ignore the group’s cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf,” which the band have totally revamped into their own call-to-arms. There isn’t a clunker on this record, so if you want some stripped down, raw, and wild rock check out the Young Werewolves, and pick up their equally is monstrous self-titled debut record.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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