Mick Jones and Carbon Silicon at Asbury Lanes

April 2, 2008
Asbury Lanes, New Jersey

This is an open letter to anyone that is still bitching and moaning that they never got to see Joe Strummer or the Ramones. GO SEE MICK JONES BEFORE HE DIES. Not that he’s going anywhere soon, but at the rate that John Rotten keeps getting healthier and heroes like Johnny Cash die…Well, you get the picture.

And boy, does Mick Jones still kick ass. Life In A Bungalo caught his latest band, Carbon Silicone at the legendary Asbury Lanes last Wednesday and I was blown away. The man can shred like no ones business, and he has seemingly worked out all his B.A.D. dance hall crap and left it in the ’90s.

What’s left is an awesome rock driven band, reminiscent of The Clash (there I said it), but with a little more spit and polish. Okay, I realize that the band has been around for a while and that there is another guitar great on board (Tony James from Generation X), but come on. It’s Mick Fucking Jones. The man exudes coolness and pours out in the live show.

For an hour and a half, the band tore through their new record including, “The Magic Suitcase,” “The News,” and “Reason to Believe.” Jones traded off vocals with James and occasionally pranced around to the audience’s delight. At one point, Mick looked down at the six packs of bottled water that stood by the stage and hurled them at the stage hand yelling, “We don’t drink fucking water–give me a beer.”

Between playing guitar with his cuff links, shedding off his classy suit, and babbling about his travels around the Appalachian Trail in a covered wagon, Jones managed to pull out a bit of “Police on My Back,” sending the South Jersey crowd into a frenzy.

Those 100 or so fans that got to see Jones and company in a small yet festive setting can now say we saw him when, rather than I wish I saw him… Maybe you should too.

Author: George Koroneos

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