Brine + Bastards “Set Sail For Sodomy”

Brine + Bastards
“Set Sail For Sodomy”
Refugee Records

New Jersey punk veterans Brine + Bastards are set to plunder the world of rock with the release of their much anticipated debut record “Set Sail For Sodomy,” featuring 13-tracks teeming with blarney, swagger, and a heaping spoonful of awesome.

Yeah, B+B dress like pirates, and they’re best known for their drunken sea chanteys, but this record manages to eschew the corniness completely. Instead we are treated to track after track of meticulously produced rock classics. “Songs of the Siren” might be—hands down—the best punk song of 2008. Screaming, singalongs, and one catchy as all hell chorus—what more could you ask for? “Down, down, down,down/Into the water,” beckons singer Shawn Dillon.

The real meat of “The Pilot” clocks in at just over one and a half minutes, but it’s epic in heart. Every riff is on point, punctuated by the stunning bass and drum work, and the listener is left begging for more. “Beneath the Waves,” an ancient Brine number, has been reconditioned sans banjo, but guitarist Pirate George does a fantastic job cranking up the metal licks and transforming this spunky number into a massive rock anthem. “Prayer (for a Homesick Sailor)” is a drunken ballad that draws on the Pogues until the place blows apart with an uptempo punk jig to close the record off.

The world has waited for years and the day has finally come—Brine + Bastards have released a proper album and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. Catch them live if you can and don’t forget to buy them a drink.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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