Head: The Bungalo Interview Part II

This is the second part of a long ass Head interview conducted by our very own Sal Lucci. Click here to read Part I.

How did the split record with Metal Mike come about?
Metal Mike knew the guy who was putting out the single, who knew us, and found out that we were fans of the Samoans and his solo stuff as well, we were honored to be on the same slab of vinyl as Mr. Metal. Metal’s solo records sound great. His CD that has the Rockin’ Blewz (late 60’s band with his brother/original Samoans lead guitarist) is killer.

Where did you get the double-neck Mosrite used on the cover of The Monkeys LP?
That comes from the Head vaults, or a local guitar dealer in the area, who, while we were all pulling together, funneled every Mosrite he came across to us, and we went into deep debt to stock up on the Mosrite gear as much as possible. But that one doesn’t get played, it’s for “funsies” only. That’s Ree Ree’s.

Ree Ree: I’ll sell it for $2500 if anybody’s interested. I’ll also sell the two Orange amp stacks on the cover. $2500 a stack. Ben Weasel once left a message on my answering machine saying he liked Street Level Assault but we should take the tremolo bars off our Mosrites. I wonder what his take on double necks is? Ha ha.

Why did Giggles leave? Why did Giggles never cut his hair? Is everyone still friends?
Giggles left the band, to place the Head template on his band of choice to revere, respect and pay tribute to: Black Sabbath. His band, Golden Pig Electric Blues Band, is one of the leading proponents of early Black Sabbath “heavy”, they are awesome and pull off everything and more that Head ever wanted to be in its small way. GPEBB is for real, and highly recommended. Giggles never cut his hair because it’s sort of a biblical thing: if he would cut his hair, he’d become tired, lacking energy, complacent, etc; it is the source of his Samson-like power.

We are all excellent friends, and officially, Giggles is on sabbatical from Head and occasionally shows up at shows or recording sessions to help us re-capture our former glory. Giggles is the most selfless person we know. Being in two bands was taking up too much of his time. That was after The Monkeys LP came out and bombed. The honeymoon was over. Can ya blame him?

How often does Head practice and play shows these days?
Depends, sometimes we’ll go months without a practice, but with something looming we’ll get to it, to be fire-tested ready. Shows vary: some months we play several, other times we’ll go for two or three months without playing a single show. Feast or famine, that’s how it goes. We’ve played more than usual in the last two years. Normally we play four to five Seattle shows a year. Actually, that hasn’t changed but we’ve had more out of town shows.

Any particularly funny or interesting stories you want to tell?
Ree Ree: Here’s a good one that happened probably six or seven years ago. After the Total Commitment 7″ EP and the most recent Head booklet came out, I went to see our old friends the Groovie Ghoulies play a show here. I brought copies of both the single and the booklet for them. As I was walking up the block to the club, I heard a guy in front of me saying to his friend, “so the lyrics go: ‘Do You Remember Me?/ I lived in a tree/ smoked a lot of dope/killed the pope’ which are lyrics from the Head song “Do You Remember Me?”

I look at the guy and wonder if I know him and he’s fucking with me or something. He doesn’t look familiar so I go up to him and ask if those lyrics are from the band I have the single in hand of. He looks at the single and says he doesn’t know and goes back to rattling off the lyrics to “Do You Remember Me?” I start to get flustered and flip through the Head booklet for an older picture and ask if this isn’t the same band he’s reciting lyrics from. Again, he pauses, this time more annoyed by my pestering him and says, “I don’t know man, do they play punk rock?” I went from ego boost to ego crush in 10 seconds.

Here are some questions from fellow Head fans I thought I’d pass along:
Quizno’s, Subway or Blimpie?

Touch: None of the above. Dick’s Burgers (local establishment); sub sandwiches and their associated chains are a Communist/Islamic creeping plot – stay away from all of them.
Tulu: Those places sound right – rot.
Ree Ree: I’ve eaten at Quizno’s twice.

Xbox, PS3 or Wii?
Again, none of the above, we prefer 80’s videogames, or better yet, 70’s television shows. Sorry, those new video games are too advanced for our simian brains.

Tulu: 80’s games are the tops. But I have spent many sleepless nights playing turn-based strategy games. I find these help me plot my revenge.

Ramones or Angry Samoans?
Tulu: That is a doozy of a question. The Ramones do songs about some things and the Samoans do songs about some other things.
Ree Ree: Ramones. I’m sure the Angry Samoans would pick Ramones over Samoans too.

Why did Head let Kurt Bloch do a solo on the new 7″? Why not just get Slash?
Now this is a great question, and the answer may surprise. When we first were brainstorming presentation ideas for the Goner execs, as well as Evil Clown upper management brass, Kurt Bloch was not available, and so his people actually recommended Slash, who was available. But, just as we were about to begin recording the lead guitar part, Kurt showed up, unannounced, and Slash dutifully stepped aside, took out his note pad, and observed the Master along with the rest of us.

Ree Ree: Slash seems like a nice guy in the interviews I’ve seen. Funny thing is there is a Slash/Kurt Bloch connection: Duff McKagan from Guns ‘n’ Roses played drums on the first Fastbacks single as well as playing in just about every other Seattle punk band before moving down to LA. The first GnR show in Seattle in the mid 80’s was a show with the Fastbacks. I think Kurt Bloch was the perfect choice for that song. I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else. I don’t think we would have recorded that song if he had said no. Watching Kurt and Conrad Uno (Egg studio owner/recording guy) hash out the solo in about an hour was the highlight of my time in recording studios.

What really happened to the tapes of Head’s recording of the first Ramones record that were supposedly destroyed?
Another good question, now this is the type of stuff we’re looking for. Who asked this? More. On to the question’s answer: they are actually buried in the Arizona desert, next to George Lucas’ personal copy of Star Wars.

How come Head hasn’t made pictures of the legendary “smoking mask” public?

This is an example of one of the few times we practice what we preach… never expose your top technology to the masses, it may fall into the wrong hands.

How could you guys have day jobs that are more important than Head?
Well, just because we have day jobs, that doesn’t mean they’re more important than Head, actually quite the contrary. It’s because of our day jobs we’ve been able to maintain the mediocre excellence that Head is. Head is our night job. Generally the night is more important than the day too. With our meager financial holdings, we’re forever tied to maintaining Head and its legacy as our only but always waning hope.
Ree Ree: Refer to the story I told earlier about going to the Groovie Ghoulies show.

Does Head have a business plan to cash in on the Seattle grunge craze?

We already have. After flannel went big, Touch had a brainstorm: flannel doormats, huge success. How many do you have?

Why isn’t Head listed on Wikipedia?
Wiki has asked, but due to a previous contractual agreement with “Street Rock-n-Roll-apedia” we have had to, up to this point, decline Wiki’s advances. So, therefore, we’re hard to look up on the internets.

How heavily was Kurt Cobain influenced by Head? Why hasn’t Head sued Dave Grohl for ripping off their riffs?
Who is Dave Grohl? HAW HAW. Hard to say on the Cobain portion, but as for the second part, sometimes lawsuits don’t need to happen if the riff copyright fee is up to date. Per our attorneys, that’s all we can say on that one.

Ree Ree: I was into Nirvana before anybody. Partied with them all the time. They asked me to be their manager but I called bullshit on that.

What is Head doing to make sure the Supersonics stay in Seattle?
A lot. Kenny the Gardener has a direct economic impact related to the Sonics leaving/staying in Seattle, so we’re working on it. Touch is giving them ball-handling tips to help them at home and on the road. More wins equals more hope. I think they are getting tired of my whistle-blowing-in-ear motivation technique, though.

Ree Ree: Head, along with staff photographer KTG just went to a Sonics game last week. They lost to the Phoenix Suns. Apparently they have a guy on the team named Steve Nash who was the MVP last year. I have a plan to help make the game more interesting: make dunks worth one point but if you break the back glass, it’s worth ten points.

Author: George Koroneos

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