Thee Merry Widows “The Devil’s Outlaws”

Thee Merry Widows
“The Devil’s Outlaws”

The brides or rock & roll Frankenstein have returned with a record of mid-tempo psycho anthems that provide the perfect soundtrack to the latest zombie invasion.

While not as viciously heavy as some of their contemporaries, the gals that make up the Merry Widows approach their music with a laid back swagger that recalls goth lounge with a bit of swing. Singer Eva Von Slut eschews the sickly sweet vocals of most of today’s rockabilly female vocalist in exchange for a croon that would make Danzig proud.

In fact, “Devil’s Outlaws” could best be compared to The Misfits “Static Age”–a record of slower, punk classics, that are highlighted by trippy lyrics that you can actually understand and a solid groove that you can get behind. That said, this record also begs for a bit more rock. Songs like “My High Heels” and “The Bride” have that catchy feeling, but most of the tunes on here might be a little off-putting to fans of more traditional psycho fares.

Pick up “The Devil’s Outlaw” and you’re guaranteed to be enticed, go see these gals live to be blown away.

Author: George Koroneos

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