Hellbound Glory “Scumbag Country”

Hellbound Glory
“Scumbag Country”
Gearhead Records

Hellbound Glory gets props right off the bat for one of the greatest band names in years. Couple that with an amazing record of country-fried hellbilly rock ‘n’ roll, and you have one of the best package deals of 2008.

“Scumbag Country” is a balls-to-the-wall road ripper with tunes that just chug and chug, and lyrics that are as crack up funny as they are catchy as all hell. The record kicks off with the band’s phenomenal eponymous track “Hellbound Glory,” which secures the band in the annals of kickass rock bands. The song rises like a prayer, ramping up to a twangy rompfest of goodness, featuring some amazing fingerpicking and a chorus that just won’t quit. “Here now I’m riding on a hellbound train/Hellbound Glory, yeah that’s his name,” singer Leroy Virgil cries out throughout the song.

“Chico’s Train” follows suit as a traditional country ditty, bashed in the head with a good helping of honky tonk and rockabilly fun. But the band’s call-to-arms is “The Ballad of Scumbag Country,” a laugh out loud tribute to hard living, coke snorting, rebel rousing scumbags. A true tounge in cheek (I think) anthem to white trash living.

Hellbound Glory are just getting started, but judging by “Scumbag Country” this trio of punkabilly rockers already have the world by the balls. It’s just a matter of time before they take it over and spit it back out like used up chewing tabaco.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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