Koffin Kats “Drunk in the Daylight”

Koffin Kats
“Drunk in the Daylight”
Hairball 8

The Koffin Kats live in die by the term “No Filler.” Every one of their records has been a fine-tuned masterpiece, from the full-length “Inhumane” to the short but sweet “Straying from the Pack”–every album these guys put out is track-by-track flawless.

Weighing in at an epic 17 songs, “Drunk in the Daylight” is a punk rock classic, churned from the depths of hell and spewed upon the world in waves of psycho fury.

Every one who’s heard this record says pretty much the same thing, “It’s kinda hard to call the Kats a psychobilly band.” And I don’t think they care one bit. The upright bass still kicks out the jam throughout the record, but The Koffin Kats draw way more influence from Samhain and Bad Religion on this record than anything that could be confused with Carl Perkins.

The record starts with a dark nursery rhyme, before pummeling the listener with the furious and catchy “Storm Ahead.” Two familiar tracks reappear on “Drunk in the Daylight.” Both “Blood” and the title track originally appeared on the tribute to Jason Blood. According to Vic, the original songs were recorded during a drunken bender, and he felt they should be redone properly. I loved the earlier versions, but the bass on this version of “Blood” is absolutely sickening. Just a low end thump that loosens the ligaments.

The band tones it down a bit on songs like “Laws of Sanity,” which could easily be the best song that The Damned never wrote. In truth, traces of Dave Vanian ebb and flow throughout this record. Victor’s voice dips from croon to punk at a moments notice, but his range of baritone is just creepy. “Think of me with all your hate/I’m the one who has no shame/Someday you can be like me/Break the laws of sanity,” he sings.

Tommy Koffin also evolved into quite the shred master. No twang here, look elsewhere–Just a balls to the wall massacre of distortion and metal edge solos. Drummer E-Balls is usually swamped around a wall of double bass, but he shines on the darker, slower tunes like “At the Bar,” where every kick and thwack punctuates the darkness and echoes in the chamber.

“Drunk in the Daylight” is the antidote for everything that is wrong with music today. It is the cure for emo. The kick in the ass to metalcore. And the death knell for TRL. Long live the Koffin Kats.

Doesn’t Rock l Kinda Rocks l Rocks l Really Rocks

Author: George Koroneos

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  1. the koffin kats are the only band that matters, they’re stitched on the back of my jacket, and tattooed over my chest. I’ve never missed a show within a 3 state radius. Long live the Kats <3

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