Doomsdayers Daytrippin’ on the East Coast

So I went to Asbury Park last Friday to video tape the Koffin Kats and spend a few dollars on some really cool bowling pins. I was trying to time my arrival at the club to correspond with the Kats set time, but alas, I got there early and was forced to eat some amazing grilled cheese and tater tots.

While waiting for the band to get on stage, I caught a set by The Doomsdayers from Philadelphia. The band was Vic Victor approved and from their opening few notes, I was completely shocked to hear that the sounded just like one of my old favorite bands the 12 Step Rebels.

I then crapped my pants when they busted out back to back 12 Step covers starting with “Cobblestones.” I was tipsy, but it didn’t take long to realize that it was the same singer. The band rocked out for half an hour, playing a dozen or so songs that are a little less punk than the 12 Step Rebels, but just as catchy.

After the set, I chatted up singer Nate Hancock and he informed me that the he had moved to the East Coast and brought along 12SR drummer Pat Kappauf with him. I told him how I had waited years for the 12 Step Rebels to get over to the right coast, but they broke up just as the band was getting popular. He said that the Rebels are still alive and well, and are playing a few dates with The Quakes and Tiger Army in Anaheim.

The Doomsdayers are a full time project and will have a proper release out soon. I can’t wait to hear what’s coming. If it’s anywhere near as good as “Go, Go Graveyard”, I will be a very happy boy.

Author: George Koroneos

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