Good Riddance “Remain In Memory”

Good Riddance
“Remain In Memory”
Fat Wreck Chords
Notes: 2x Colored LP (Red, Blue), Gatefold, Limited to 1,100

Fat Wreck Chords comes through with one of the most impressive tributes to a band that helped merge the worlds of punk and hardcore. Documenting Good Riddance’s final show in Santa Cruz, California “Remain in Memory” is a top notch recording from start to finish, piling on dozens of memorable tunes and an audience that couldn’t sound more excited to bare witness to this legendary event.

Good Riddance was never the most popular band from the class of 1994, but they did their best to bridge the straightedge hardline kids on the East Coast with the melodic punk sounds of their West Coast brethren. They started their quest sounding like a punk band cut from the Strung Out/88 Finger Louie mold, but everyone’s eyes opened wider with the release of the band’s incredible split with Ignite and the one-two punch of “A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion.” Those two records solidified Good Riddance’s name with the hardcore elite and catapulted them to indie punk awesomeness. For the next decade, the band pounded out record after record of solid music that educated without preaching. This double LP set salutes everything the band worked for.

The live show on the discs spans the band’s entire career over 31 tracks. True to form, Russ Rankin and company keep the patter short, instead cranking out underground classics like “21 Guns,” “Flies First Class,” and “Darkest Days.”

“Remain in Memory” is worth picking up even if you ever were a fan of the band. The set comes in red and blue vinyl and is numbered to 1,100. The gatefold splits open to reveal a nice surprise – a 55-page photo essay of the band’s entire run, including a short history of the band. The soft cover, coffee-table size tome is probably the biggest set of liner notes I’ve ever seen. Included among the live photos and press pics is a handwritten note from Fat Mike turning the band down for a record deal. Luckily he came to his senses.

Author: George Koroneos

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