The Quakes “Negative Charge”

negativecharge1The Quakes
Negative Charge

If Buffalo, NY’s chosen sons The Quakes are known for one thing (besides their zeal for ’80s covers), it’s that they release the most consistently marvelous records year after year.

“Negative Charge” is no exception, commencing with the poppy “Seven Seas Alone,” an apropos tune in these days of non-swashbuckling pirates and a rocking non-sea chantey dowsed in twang and tremolo.

This record is a bit less aggressive than some of the band’s earlier outings, but the quality of the production and the catchiness of the tunes outweigh the need for slam dance fodder. The Quakes are now writing their own new wave classics, most notably “Ghost Town,”  a classic number in the vein of old school Echo and the Bunnymen.

The band get rowdier on the bombastic “Straight to Valhalla.” “A friend in need, is a friend indeed,” singer Paul Roman cries out the proverb as the double bass thumps and echoes in the background.

The Quakes have made a career out of taking the best parts of every sub genre tagged with “-abilly” and sonically molding it into a sound that is genuine, uncontaminated rock & roll.

Call them psychos, call them rockers – It doesn’t matter. The Quakes are committed supporters of pure rockabilly and “Negative Charge” is another masterpiece in their canon of pure rock fury.

Author: George Koroneos

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