Horribly Wrong “C’mon and Bleed With”

Horribly Wrong
C’mon and Bleed With
Eradicator Records/Shit in Can Records

The Horribly Wrong is a band almost lost to the annals of obscure midwestern punk history.  They were active for maybe three years (2002-05), played maybe 20 shows and barely strayed from their home base of Bloomington, IN.  They put out a 7” EP and sold through two pressings (the first in three days, the second in five).  Every time I would visit friends in Bloomington, I would just miss a Horribly Wrong show by a day, hearing how crazy and drunk and out of control both the band and the crowd were (mind you, this was a time when Plan-It-X Records ruled Bloomington’s scene with their posi-core folk-punk blah.)  Then, in the summer of 2005, the Horribly Wrong called it quits.  Band members moved on, guess we all do.  I was fortunate enough to get one of the 70 or so CDR copies made of the album but I never thought it would get an official release.

For the longest time, I described C’mon and Bleed With to friends as “the best goddamn album you’ll never hear.”  Eighteen tracks of lo-fi garage punk that, if recorded in 1994 instead of 2004, could easily have been on Crypt or Rip Off Records.  Think the Misfits meets the Mummies.  There’s barely a break between songs and the energy stays high throughout.  Favorites, in no particular order: “Blood All Over My Body,” “Rogers Street,” “When I Say Evil” and “Attack of the Human Eating Robots.”

Bloomington-based Eradicator Records teamed up with French label Shit in Can Records to finally release C’mon and Bleed With.  Don’t miss your chance this time, kids.  It’s super limited – 500 copies on 180-gram vinyl (100 on blood red vinyl and 400 on black) – with beautiful silk-screened covers.  For the technologically advanced, there is a digital download card included with the LP.

Author: Sal Lucci

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  1. Totally agree. Man this is fucking sad that those of us that do have the album are just gonna sound like lunatics raving about a band no one will ever hear, see, or care about — I hate bein Mr. Obscure-great-band-no-ones-knows-of-but-me, but so be it.

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